2 years old

Playing with Conkers


Today we set out on our first tasks to play with Ethan's fabulous collection of conkers.  I thought that before we poke holes in them we ought to enjoy them in their complete form.  So the first thing that we did, was count them.  A great activity for Ethan's Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy skills as he's showing a lot of interest in counting above 10 now.  Then we made a box to keep them in, decorating the box with autumn colours.

Ethan helped me to count all of the conkers, he collected 48 altogether!  We then counted them in small batches, in and out of the basket.  Ethan is loving the challenge of learning more numbers, he tries to count along with me all the way.  Then we covered the basket in brown paper and we talked about the colours that would be good to use to decorate it, choosing some autumnal colours together.  Ethan really enjoyed colouring right onto the basket, I think that it made a change from colouring on a flat surface.  Now to find more ways to play with our conkers tomorrow!

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