2 years old

Preparing for Thanksgiving


Today we have started to get into the Thanksgiving spirit!  Canadian Thanksgiving is next Monday, and even though we live in England, we still like to celebrate.  Today we went to Whole Foods to buy Thanksgiving dinner essentials, as well as some gourds and mini pumpkins to start to decorate the house for Thanksgiving.  It is great for Ethan's Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he learns about different holidays and traditions, as well as learning about his Canadian culture.

We had a fun afternoon at Whole Foods, we even went to the cafe to share a piece of pumpkin pie (Ethan loved it! "More pie" were his exact words.)  Then came home to set up our little Thanksgiving table.  It was so sweet, we set up the gourds and pumpkin, got out the Thanksgiving napkins, and then Ethan went over to his basket of conkers and brought one over to add to the display.  He's such a cutie :)

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