2 years old

Ethan's Second Birthday!


Today is Ethan's second birthday, I have no idea how that is even possible.  Where has the time gone?  My tiny little baby has officially grown into a toddler.  It's so much fun, because he's definitely starting to understand birthdays!  He's been very excited today, loving all the attention, great for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We started the day with cards and presents before Daddy went to work.  We didn't get through them all, so the hardest part was telling Ethan that he had to wait for Daddy to get home to open the rest!  He kept saying 'notha pressa'.  Then I made him Winnie the Pooh shaped pancakes for breakfast, and we went to our playgroup (Little Acorns) where they sang 'Happy Birthday' to him.  After a well needed nap we went out for lunch where he had scrambled eggs and toast (his favourite) then home to play and for a few Skype chats with family in other countries.  Finally Daddy got home and Ethan got to open more presents, have pizza and Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes, open more presents and then have a major sugar rush / overstimulated tantrum before going to bed.  All in all, a perfect day :)

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