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Halloween - Decorating a Paper Pumpkin


Today we decorated a paper pumpkin to put up and add to our very festive Halloween house :) Ethan is loving all of the decorations, so he was more than happy to make a pumpkin himself! It's great for his Creative Development as well as his Physical Development as we work on his fine motor skills.

I cut out a pumpkin shape from orange sugar paper (construction paper) and then covered it in glue and gave Ethan a spreader to put the glue all around.  Then I gave him little pieces of orange tissue paper to crumple up and put all over the pumpkin (and a few pieces of green tissue paper to put as the stem, this was actually Ethan's idea as we were looking at a real pumpkin while he did this).  We didn't manage to cover the whole pumpkin in orange tissue, as once Ethan saw the cut outs for the face (I cut them out of black foam sheets) he was very excited to stick them on!  We identified which facial features they were (by holding them up to our own faces first) then covered them in glue and Ethan placed them all in the right spots.  He was very proud of his finished pumpkin, every time he saw it he said 'good boy!' :)

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