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Parragon Little Learners Book Review: Sleepy Puppy Pack


We received the Little Learners Sleepy Puppy Pack from Parragon Books to review.  It's a lovely little bedtime story that comes with a snugly little puppy toy.  You can buy the book and toy set from Amazon for £6.25, which I think is very good value for a cute book and toy.  The book itself is very sweet, it's very short (perfect for children with short attention spans!) it's a sort of lullaby that you can read or sing to your child before bed as it goes through the process of getting into bed and going to sleep.  It's a book that is short and sweet, Ethan is already starting to join in with the words, it's great for developing his Communication, Language and Literacy skills.

Ethan really loves the story and the little puppy toy.  I wondered at first if he wouldn't be interested, if maybe he was too old for it, but I needn't have worried.  He absolutely loves the little puppy, it's one of his new favourite toys and he's taking it to bed with him every night now! It's such a sweet story, I think that it may become a part of our nightly routine :)

* This has been a review post, Parragon gave me these books so that we could read them and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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