2 years old

Birthday Parties!


It's a weekend of birthday parties for Ethan's friends.  It's so nice that Ethan's party is done and we can just relax and enjoy the other parties (and I love the inspiration for future parties!).  It's so much fun for Ethan to see his friends and play with them in different venues.  Today's party is at Gymboree and tomorrows is at The Little Gym.  Ethan loves climbing, jumping, sliding and playing with his friends, so these parties are fantastic for him!  They're great for his Physical Development as he takes part in the gym activities as well as his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he learns to celebrate his friends' special days.

Ethan had so much fun at the party today, taking part in the session at Gymboree (which had a Peppa Pig theme).  He loved climbing and throwing the balls around, the air log, playing maracas,  the bubbles, the parachute and the songs.  Then sitting down with all of the other children to have a snack and cake (which he just eats the icing off of!)  The biggest problem was calming him down afterwards, the combination of over excitement and sugary icing makes for one very hyper toddler!  Now to do it all again tomorrow :)  

* Update, the second party of the weekend was also fantastic!  Ethan had loads of fun at The Little Gym and loved Elmo and Cookie Monster everywhere as part of the Sesame Street theme!  

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