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Halloween Hand Print Painting


Today we did some hand print painting for Halloween.  I love anything that involves a hand print as it makes a unique personalised picture and it's a lovely keepsake as it shows just how tiny your little one's hand was.  We decided today to keep things simple and stick to one colour and made a black cat, bat and spider for Halloween.  A fun activity for Ethan as he got to get messy in the paint and work on his creative development as he turned those hand prints into the different animals.


I mixed up some black paint for Ethan while he did some free painting on paper (I find that I need to let him have some freedom to paint as well, if we're just doing something like hand prints he doesn't get to express his creativity very much).  We started with the cat, painting his whole hand and placing it carefully on the paper for one hand print.  His four legs are the fingers and his tail is the thumb. 

For the spider I painted both of Ethan's hands, leaving out the thumbs and printed them opposite each other to make the 8 legs.  

And finally we painted both full hands for the bat, using the fingers as wings and thumbs as ears.  We left them all to dry, washed hands and I printed out some faces for Ethan to colour in (We could have cut out black sugar paper / construction paper into the face shapes, but thought that colouring would give Ethan more to do).  I found lovely Halloween colouring pictures online and used parts of those for our faces and bodies (apologies that I can no longer find the links to them), but an adult or older child could easily draw these simple shapes themselves. Ethan coloured in the faces and then stuck on some googly eyes.  I was really impressed with his ability to match up the googly eyes to the eyes drawn on the pictures.  I think they all turned out really well and will look great on display for Halloween.

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  1. All are absolutely cute paintings. These are quite funny and interesting things to do. Thanks for sharing.


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