2 years old

Halloween Spider Play Dough


Today we had a very busy morning, so we needed a nice quiet activity for this afternoon, and play dough was the perfect choice. To make it a Halloween activity I gave Ethan some play dough (we didn't have any black, so red and blue had to do), some pipe cleaners and straws to make the spider's legs, and some pom poms for the spider's eyes.  Ethan also used some tools to roll and shape the dough, it's a great activity for his Physical Development.  I especially love the play dough scissors as at his age they're the safest scissors for him to use and learn early cutting skills.

Ethan had a lot of fun sticking things into the play dough, he gave the spider lots of legs and we counted them together.  He tried different combinations of legs and eyes to make the spider look different.  We also rolled the dough into a ball, used a rolling pin to make it flat, cut it into small pieces with the scissors and made patterns in it with the different materials.  It wasn't always a perfect looking spider, but Ethan had fun :)

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