2 years old

Pumpkin Picking


Today we went pumpkin picking!  It's our third year in a row going to Garson's Farm to pick a pumpkin the weekend before Halloween (that makes it a tradition right?)  We went when Ethan was just a few weeks old, when he had just turned one and now this year.  Every year we have so much fun, but this year had to be the best as Ethan could actually walk around amongst the pumpkins, great for his Physical Development as he's still learning to walk in his wellies!

Ethan loved running around, picking up different pumpkins and saying 'this one' to every one that he found.  We kept pointing out nice big round ones, but of course he couldn't pick those ones up, so we eventually decided we would need to buy two!  We picked one nice big one for carving, and Ethan picked a small green one that he could carry :)  He was very proud of his pumpkin and carried it all the way to the car with a big smile on his face.

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