2 years old

Art Gallery Playgroup


We went to a lovely playgroup this morning, it takes play in a local art gallery and is different to other playgroups that we go to as it's more arts based.  There are different stations set up around the room with craft activities that children can visit as they like and make all sorts of different things based on a theme.  Then there's a singing and story session all together.  It's a fantastic group for Ethan's Creative Development and I really like that it's different to other playgroups that we go to.

Today we made a paper bag puppet and a paper cupcake, Ethan also loved taking part in the singing and playing with the parachute.  My favourite part was when he sat down to listen to the story.  As the children are so young, many of them wander off at this point, but Ethan really seemed to enjoy the story and he sat right by the lady and listened to the whole thing.  He even remembered what it was about hours later, as when his Daddy got home from work and asked him about his day he was able to say that the story was about penguins and a boat :)

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