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Halloween Treat Bags


Today in continuing with our Halloween preparations, we've made treat bags for Ethan's friends!  As they're only 2, and most probably don't eat much candy and sweets (and probably aren't going trick or treating) we decided to make them some cute little treat bags to give out when we see Ethan's friends at play dates and play groups this week.  Ethan is learning to share and to be kind to his friends, so it's a nice exercise in giving as part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

I bought little cellophane Halloween bags and we filled them with:

Assembling these with Ethan wasn't easy, he kept wanting to play with everything and I kept telling him that they were for his friends.  It helped when we started saying his friends' names and who each item was for.  Then when it came to wrapping the raisins and decorating the oranges I had his help for a little while, but eventually I gave in and had to give him a box of raisins and an orange to eat (who could say no to a child crying because they desperately want to eat an orange?)  Hopefully his friends will like their treats :)

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