2 years old

Tissue Paper Thanksgiving Turkey


Today we made our first Thanksgiving craft of the year!  There are loads of fantastic ideas on Pinterest for very complicated crafts, but I decided to go retro and have Ethan make something that I remember making in school when I was little.  I printed out a colouring picture of a Thanksgiving turkey and Ethan covered it in bits of tissue paper.  It's a fun activity for Creative Development, as it's so simple that Ethan could do it with very little help and use his own free expression.

First we squirted some glue all over the turkey, then I gave Ethan a glue spreader to make sure that the whole turkey was covered in glue.  Then I gave him some little bits of red, yellow and orange tissue paper and he crumpled them up and stuck them onto the turkey.  I was amazed that he actually understood how to scrunch up the paper and followed instructions so easily   It's great for his fine motor control, and surprised me as I've taught some 3 and 4 year olds that struggled to crumple paper!  He really seemed to enjoy it, asking for more and more paper.  He was even able to find empty spots when I encouraged him to fill the whole turkey with tissue paper.  He made a real masterpiece, and I'm so proud of him as it really is all his own work!

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