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Thanksgiving Place Cards


Happy Thanksgiving!  We've been so busy that we haven't had much of a chance to do any Thanksgiving crafts this year.  So while the Thanksgiving dinner was in the oven it seemed the perfect chance for Ethan and Ivy to make some place cards for the dinner table.


  • 1 sheet of yellow paper (I used a thick card)
  • leaf stickers
  • orange paper, cut into small shapes
  • markers
  • glue

I cut and folded the paper to make four place cards, one for each member of our family.  I then wrote each of our names on one side of the card and gave Ivy some leaf stickers to decorate the cards.  She loves stickers so she was very happy to do this as her contribution to the place cards.

On the other side of the cards I drew dots for Ethan to follow along to write each of our names.  He did a very good job of following along the dots for most of the names and was happily choosing different colours for each of us.

I then gave him a collection of small cut out shapes for him to put together to look like a little turkey.  It was a fun way to reinforce shapes for him as well as allowing him to put the turkey together how he liked.  I made a small circle for a head, an oval body, rectangle legs and 4 triangles for the feathers.  Once he'd stuck them all on he used one of his markers to draw little faces on them.  Then when they were all finished he came with me to set the table for our Thanksgiving dinner with all of the plates and cutlery as well as the very special place cards that he and Ivy made together.

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