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Halloween Slimy Goop


We have been having so much fun with our latest creation!  This Halloween slimy goop kept Ethan busy for ages just playing with it in as many different ways as we could think of.

I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to create some kind of sensory play material using chia seeds, because when you soak them in water they become incredibly slimy, so this is our first experiment!  I soaked about 4 tablespoons of chia seeds in 2 cups of water (looking back I would probably use less water next time) and left it overnight.

In the morning I added some corn flour (corn starch) to thicken it up and give it that goopy consistency that I was looking for.  As I probably put too much water in the night before, I really had to add a lot of corn flour, probably about half a cup to make it thick enough to play with.

Next I poured it into our witches cauldron and found some Halloween scoops and spoons for Ethan to play with.

Ethan was fascinated by this strange substance, and spent a few minutes just scooping it up and watching it gloop through the holes in the slotted spoon.  It is such an interesting combination of the sliminess of the chia seed mix and the gloopiness of the corn flour and it's changing from hard to smooth depending on how you scoop it up.  It came through the spoon in big clumps and looked like little eyeballs or frog spawn, very spooky!

After a few minutes of scooping Ethan asked if he could put his hand in, and of course I said yes!  He tentatively stuck a finger in, then dunked his whole hand into the mixture!  We talked about what it felt like, he said gloopy.  And I asked him questions about whether is was smooth or rough, thick or think, sticky or slidy and he was great at answering them all and coming up with his own ways of describing it as well.

Once his hands were in there, there was not stopping him!  The slimy goop just felt so different on his hands that he couldn't help but pick up handfuls and watch it drip off his fingers.  Of course I got my hands in there to explore as well and it really did feel strange.  It would be a great addition to a Halloween party to put guests hands inside and tell them it's something disgusting (but we'll probably wait until Ethan's a bit older for parties like that!)

Next we started making our witches brew, Ethan asked for different things to put in it and I did my best to find some little toys that would be ok in the goop.  So we added spiders, bugs and frogs to cauldron and stirred them all up.  It was interesting to see which ones sunk to the bottom and got lost in the mix and which ones floated to the top.  We also got out a funnel at this point and watched as the goop slowly dripped through the hole (no photos of that one though, I was too covered in goop!)

The fun didn't stop there, I couldn't bear just throwing it away after we played with it, so I added a few ingredients and we had even more fun with it later on!  But I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

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