3 1/2 years old

Pet Rocks


I remember making pet rocks when I was little and absolutely loving it. It's such an easy craft to set up, perfect to do outdoors on a sunny day and the kids end up with something they've created that you can put on a shelf in their room, or they can actually play with (because it is quite robust, unlike most of our paper crafts that don't last long once played with!) 

To start all you need are some nice big rocks, I find that ones that are quite smooth work best, but bumpy rocks could give more character. You'll need a selection of paint in nice bright colours that will cover the rock well and any other additional decorations that you might like.  Googly eyes work quite well, or some glitter glue to draw features on.

Ethan started by painting a frog, he covered his rock in green paint and then used the glitter glue to draw him a nice face.  While he was drying Ethan painted another rock in bright yellow to be a bumble bee!

For his bee he used black paint to add the stripes and little eyes.  Now he's got these two adorable rock creatures that he can play little games with and not worry about them coming apart.  He's already asking to make more pet rocks, so you may see a few more of our creations on Instagram soon!

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