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Family Playtime


We were lucky enough to be invited to a fun Family Playtime event yesterday hosted by Talk to Mums.  It was the perfect event for us because it was all about play!  I got to listen to some great talks by bloggers and play related experts and I got to bring the kids with me so that they could have lots of fun as well.

There was a Halloween themed play area with games, toys and snacks for the kids, which they absolutely loved.  Ivy absolutely loved the magnetic toys from Smart Max and Ethan was having lots of fun with the Three Little Piggies game from Smart Games.  There was also a snow room hosted by Crystal Holidays that the kids absolutely loved.  The room was literally filled with pretend snow that the children could roll around in, throw up in the air to make it snow and play with all they wanted.  It was the perfect chance for them to get a bit messy and have some sensory play to let off a bit of steam in the middle of the day.

There were also some great brands to chat with around the room.  Of course we gravitated towards the ones with toys (and chocolate!)  So we had a lovely chat with the people from Tractor Ted, which we hadn't seen before but Ethan was an immediate fan, so I think we'll be seeing a lot more of that tractor!  We also loved trying out the Mini Hornet, a fun light and sound machine to go on your scooter or bike.  Ethan's favourite setting was the siren and he kept asking all day to play with the scooter siren again!  We were also big fans of the Kinnerton stand as they were showcasing all of their character themed advent calendars!  There was a huge Peppa Pig advent calendar that the kids could poke their heads through which my two were both crazy about!  We also picked up a few to take home, including a Frozen advent calendar that lights up!

I was lucky enough to spend the day with lovely bloggers, like Emma from Adventures of Adam.  I also really enjoyed listening to Amanda Gummer from Fundamentally Children talk about play, although we certainly don't need convincing about the importance of play it's always nice to hear it reinforced.  Helen Neale from Kiddycharts (and Anna Marikar from In The Playroom) gave some great advice about using Pinterest.  I also got a lot from Sally Hall from B Baby Magazine during her talk about working with the media.  Overall it was a very informative day for me and a fun day for the kids!

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