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Dinosaur Guessing Game


Ethan loves playing with his dinosaur toys and makes up his own little games with them, but he doesn't know a lot of facts about dinos or many different types yet.  So I wanted to come up with a fun way to learn a little more about dinosaurs whilst playing a game.

I came up with a simple dinosaur guessing game that Ethan and I could play together.  I made some cards with different dinosaur features on them, in simple pictures and words.  We started with very few cards, but as Ethan learns more about dinosaurs we could add more.  The cards I made are; teeth, horns, spikes, neck, wings and fins.  I started by going through the cards with Ethan and using them to describe all of the dinosaurs in our collection.

Then it was time to start our game.  I closed my eyes and Ethan chose a dinosaur which he then hid in a box (we happen to have this very cool dinosaur lunch box that he used).  I used the cards to ask him questions about his dinosaur like 'Does he have sharp teeth?' and 'Does he have a long neck?'

Ethan answered the questions easily and from them we were able to talk more about the dinosaur that he chose.  I then guessed the type of dinosaur that he was hiding by name and we went onto the next one.  If he didn't know the name of the dinosaur (and I didn't!) then we would look it up on the internet together, taking note of the new dinosaurs that we learned about.

Then it was my turn to choose a dinosaur to hide in the box.  Ethan was very good at using the cards to ask questions, and he was so excited when I answered yes to 'Does your dinosaur have fins?' as he knew straight away that it was a swimming dinosaur!  Then we sat together to look up all the different types of swimming dinos and learn more about them.

We've already learned a few more dinosaur names, and hopefully by continuing to play our game we'll learn more and more about dinosaurs each time!

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