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Using a Reward Chart to Encourage Positive Behaviour


There is always something that we are working on with each of our children, some behavioural or developmental stage that needs that extra bit of attention and encouragement to improve.  Up until now we've used some very basic sticker charts with Ethan, focusing on just one task at a time with a set number of stickers to get before receiving a larger reward.  Now that Ethan is a little older (he's just turned four) we thought he might be ready to focus on a few different things at once.  So we received this Big Star Chart reward chart from The Victoria Chart Company that can feature up to eight different behaviours and decided to give it a try.

I opened up the chart together with Ethan and we read through the guidelines.  The kit comes with 8 different options of behaviour stickers to choose from, as well as 8 blank ones so that you can choose your own things that you may be working on.  You start by writing your child's name on the top of the chart with the pen provided, then choose the behaviours that you want to focus on.  

Ethan and I went through them and decided that the best ones for him would focus on sharing toys with his sister and friends, speaking nicely and remembering his manners and tidying up his toys.  Then we used two of the blank ones to write our own ideas, which were getting dressed by himself and listening to Mommy and Daddy.

We hung up the chart on the wall and Ethan got his first sticker to put on it really quickly when he politely said 'no thank you' when offered some fruit.  Hopefully this will really help him to focus on good behaviour, and help me to focus on positive praise and working towards our goals rather than focusing on the negative.  I really like that this reward chart kit comes with everything that you need and gives guidance on the best ways of using it.

* This is a review post, we were sent a reward chart from Victoria Chart Company to use and write an honest review about.*

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