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Ethan's Fireman Fourth Birthday Party


Ethan had a fantastic time at his Fireman Birthday Party last week!  We had the party at a local sports centre, so the children had time to run, jump and climb around on a bouncy castle, inflatable slide and wooden climbing frame before moving to the party room for lunch and cake.  The play room was fun on it's own so I didn't add much to it and put all of my focus on decorating the party room to make it as fireman filled as possible!

I worked with Party Pieces to fill the room with fantastic decorations with a Fireman Sam party theme.  They have so many decorations that I could have chosen from, but I didn't want to go too crazy as I didn't have very long to set it all up.  I could not resist the Fireman Sam Personalised Party Banner, it's huge and made out of vinyl so you can use it indoors or outdoors and it's very good quality.  It was an impressive centrepiece for our wall of decorations!

I also had a Fireman Sam Happy Birthday Banner which went really nicely under the personalised one.  I put up a few red decorative party fans around the banners as well as the Fireman Sam party hanging decorations.  The hanging decorations have the Fireman Sam symbols and pictures of flames but hang on transparent thread, so they look like you've put up each individual item, but are actually really quick and easy to decorate with.

And of course we had a few big helium balloons as well!  The Fireman Sam Foil Party Balloon and the Fireman Sam Party Happy Birthday Foil Balloon that were both from Party Pieces, and a number 4 balloon that I picked up from a local party shop where I had them all filled with helium the day before the party.

I had a large table set up with all of the food for the children to choose from for their lunches. I focused on healthy party food, which was a big success (and I wrote about here.) I decorated the table with a red table cloth and simple clear, red or white serving trays.  I also had Fireman Sam napkins and cups on the main table that were part of the party pack that I had from Party Bags and Supplies.

Party Bags and Supplies were kind enough to send us a Fireman Sam Party Pack for 8 children.  It included tableware (plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth) and filled party bags for all of the guests.  On the lunch tables I had put out the Fireman Sam tablecloths and plates from the party pack, as well as bottles of water which I had made themed labels for.

We kept all of the party bags in the fire truck box craft that we made as our main homemade contribution to the party!  The filled party bags that we received were great, they had stickers, a badge, a fireman hat and sweets in them.  They would have been perfect as they were, but I decided to add a few extras.  The children each got a fire vehicle of some sort, a glow stick and some play dough that we made with a little cutter as well.  We made the labels for the bags and play dough pots using round paper stickers and a variety of stampers to spell out the childrens' names and one of a fire truck.

Ethan absolutely loved his birthday party, I think that at 4 he really started to understand the whole process of planning and getting everything ready for the party.  He was really happy with all of the decorations and wanted to help to set it all up, and he was so pleased to share it with all of his friends.  We had a really fantastic day!

* This is a review post, we were sent the decorations listed above from Party Pieces and the party pack from Party Bags and Supplies to use for the party and write our honest opinions about.*

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