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Healthy Birthday Party Snacks


We had Ethan's fire truck themed Fourth Birthday party on the weekend and he had a fantastic time!  While I was planning his party I wondered if it would be possible to serve the kids a healthy lunch and snacks from Organix, Fruit Bowl and Kiddylicious, without them really noticing the absence of sugary party treats.  Of course we did have cake that was absolutely sugar filled as I'm not one to mess with that tradition, but with that as the treat at the end I thought that I might just be able to get away with it.

I served three different types of sandwiches (ham, cheese and peanut butter) all cut into fire truck shapes, most on regular bread and some on gluten free bread for those who are gluten intolerant.  There was a selection of vegetables all in fiery colours to go with the theme; cherry tomatoes, orange peppers, carrots and yellow peppers.  I also prepared a selection of fruit in the same colour scheme; strawberries, tangerines, cantaloupe melon and pineapple.  There was also some Babybel cheeses, bread sticks and hummus to dip.

Then for the treats, we had so many fantastic snacks for the kids to choose from that they never would have known that they were all healthy!  

I had put out bottles of water for each child on the table instead of juice, but did have fruit smoothie pouches on the main table for the children to pick up if they chose to.  I found that this way each child could choose, and there weren't a bunch of almost full juice boxes to clear up at the end!

The healthy snacks were a real success, loads of the kids went up to choose more after they had finished their first helping.  They all seemed to eat more of the sandwiches, vegetables and fruit as well.  Overall I would say that my healthy food party was a huge success and I will definitely be doing it for future parties as well!

* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of snacks from Organix, Fruit Bowl and Kiddylicious to serve at the party in order to write this post.*

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