4 years old

Fire Truck Box Craft


Ethan just celebrated his fourth birthday with a fire truck themed party!  I wanted a fun box to hold all of the party bags in, so of course we decided to decorate a box to look like a fire truck!


  • large cardboard box
  • red paint
  • white card
  • string
  • washi tape
  • black foam sheet
  • contact paper
  • red tissue paper
  • glue
  • scissors

The first thing that we did was to paint the box bright red!  Ethan and Ivy were both able to do this one, getting red paint all over every part of the box inside and out until it was completely covered.

Next Ethan cut out some large pieces of card to be the front and back windows.  I didn't give him any instructions to do this, but he quite cleverly held the paper up to the box to measure where he should cut it.  Then he cut some smaller windows out for the sides of the fire engine.

Next he used a glue stick to attach the windows to the fire truck.  Again this was something that he was able to do all by himself and quite proudly place the windows wherever he liked.

I was talking to him about how to make a ladder, and thinking that we might use some kind of sticks or something, then Ethan suggested that we use tape to make a ladder!  I thought that was a great plan and worked much better than what I was thinking of doing, so I let Ethan measure out the tape where he wanted it and I helped to cut it where he said that I should.

Next we traced around a bowl on some black foam sheets to make four circles which Ethan and I cut out together (as his children's scissors don't go through the foam easily) but he led the way around the foam with me as we cut.

Ethan chose where to stick the wheels and used PVA glue to stick them into place.  I then squirted a swirl of glue on the back of the truck and Ethan and I stuck a piece of string all along it together.  I also used some contact paper with red tissue inside it to make the sirens to go on the side of the fire truck.

The fire truck looked great when it was finished and it was the perfect size for holding all of the party bags at Ethan's fire themed 4th birthday party!

I love that Ethan did almost all of this by himself and he was so proud that he'd done it as well.  It has so much character because it's all his own work and it meant so much to him that he helped out with the decorations for his party.  I'll be posting lots more about Ethan's birthday this week, but if you can't wait for more inspiration, take a peek at our birthday board on Pinterest:

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