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Fourth Birthday Gift List


Ethan has just turned four years old, and we love to celebrate birthdays in a huge way, but I think that 4 can be a tricky one because kids already have so many toys by this point that you're really looking for some unique gifts to give them.  So I've come up with a list of a few firm favourites and a few very different ideas to give a four year old on their birthday.

We started off the birthday build up with this fantastic WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar.  It's a ten day countdown, similar to an advent calendar, with a fun little toy to open up every day.  By Ethan's birthday he had a whole new little party themed set of Wow characters and items to go with them.  He was so excited to wake up and open the next door, and it really helped him to understand how many days were left until his birthday!

Ethan was so excited to get his very own electric toothbrush just like the ones that Mommy and Daddy use!  This Brush Baby Kidz Sonic toothbrush is the only one that I've ever seen for kids his age.  It vibrates and cleans his teeth really well, it also lights up and has a timer so that Ethan knows how long he should be brushing his teeth for.  I've never seen him so excited to brush!

These Moccis slippers have got to be the cutest that I've ever seen.  With the London Calling Moccis design of the double decker bus on the front of them, they're cool enough for Ethan to wear whilst keeping his feet cosy!  As the weather gets cooler they're great to have, and Ethan's been more than happy to put them on while he's at home to keep his feet warm.

We are big fans of the Orchard Toys games and puzzles, so it just wouldn't be a birthday without one of them to open.  This year they've redone the Shopping List game and brought it up to date (one list is even on a mobile phone screen!), so kids can continue to have fun with this classic for years to come.  It's the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon, we love to play it and it helps Ethan to learn about turn taking as well as remembering what he needs.

A few months ago Ethan went to see the Paddinton Bear movie, so he was very excited to open up this Talking Paddington Bear toy and press his tummy to hear the 5 different phrases that he says.  He's very cute and cuddly and has been spending time being snuggled by the whole family!

Ethan's absolute favourite thing at the moment is Paw Patrol, so opening up this set of fun books from The Nickelodeon Store really made his day.  There's a colouring book, sticker book, story book, activity book and a busy book that includes a set of toys and play mat. These books will keep Ethan busy for days, they'll be the perfect things to bring with us in the car and when we go out to restaurants!

Ethan is also a fan of a certain fluffy little sheep, so this Shaun the Sheep Catapult is a new favourite toy as well.  What could be more fun than flinging this cute little sheep across the room whenever you like? It's great for Ethan's physical development to try to figure out how to hold Shaun the Sheep and aim him where he wants him to go.

Another great gift idea is to give a fun sleeping bag, and we are loving this Lion Snuggle Sac!  It's so cosy and the design suits Ethan's jungle themed room perfectly.  Using this means that Ethan can't kick the covers off on cold nights, and it will be perfect for bringing with us when we travel as it even comes with a carry bag.

Ethan always wants to have grown up things, so this oilcloth wallet from Sophie Allport is perfect for him.  It's still got a cute design (on the farm) but it's also got room for lots of little cards and some pocket money.  Ethan is feeling so grown up!

I suppose it's time for me to start admitting to myself that Ethan is growing up, and the day is going to come soon when his baby teeth start to fall out.  At least now he'll have this adorable 'On the Farm' Tooth Fairy cushion from Sophie Allport to put it in.

Another great gift idea is a subscription to the Willoughby kids book club.  You can sign up for either 3, 6 or 12 months and the child will receive a new book each month.  They send a variety of different books for varying age ranges, for Ethan's age they send books for children just learning to read to themselves (which he isn't yet, but I'm sure that's not far off either!)

And just because we absolutely love WOW Toys and Ethan is always excited to add to his collection we have the Dino Adventure set which includes a dino car with trailer, a dino buggy and a dino egg as well as a few little cave men and dinosaurs to go along with them. Ethan is loving pulling the little trailer around with the egg on it (and Ivy is loving the egg as well, she's so happy putting things inside it and playing a game of peek-a-boo!)

Of course Ethan also got some clothes for his birthday and a few other little things, but he loved all of these gifts the most.  It was so nice for him to have a wide variety of things to open and to surprise him with some things that he really didn't expect!

* This is a review post, we were sent the WOW Birthday Countdown Calendar, Brush Baby Kidz Sonic toothbrush, Moccis slippers, Orchard Toys Shopping List game, Paddington Bear, Paw Patrol books, Shaun the Sheep catapult, Snuggle Sac, Sophie Allport wallet and cushion, Willoughby books and WOW Dino Adventure set to review and write our honest opinions about.*

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