1 year old

Textured Paintings


We're always looking for unique gifts to give family members and we've come up with a personal and creative kid made present that people are going to love!

All we needed was a canvas, paint, brushes and paint stampers.  It's just that simple to make something that looks so impressive!

Ivy used the brush mostly and as many colours as she possibly could, painting in every different direction.  She absolutely loved the whole process of painting on a canvas and having the freedom to paint in any way that she liked without any parameters.

Ethan preferred using the stampers to make different textured patterns on his canvas.  He loved seeing how the dots and lines all made different designs and finding ways to add to it and make his masterpiece.

Both of the children were completely focused and determined to create something really special.  I think that painting on a canvas made the whole experience feel like something that they really needed to make look beautiful.

And did they ever do a fantastic job!  Their paintings came out incredibly well and I was sad to have to give them away and not get to hang them up in our house.  Nana is very lucky to have these amazing works of art!

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