19 months old

Window Box Gardening


Today we planted seeds in our window box!  As Nana's visiting (and she has much more of a green thumb than Mommy) we took this opportunity to do some gardening.  Planting seeds and watching them grow is a fantastic way of expanding Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  Especially as we've planted a few different vegetables that we will (hopefully) be able to eat when they're fully grown.

The first thing that we did was make signs for our plants.  Download our plant signs template.

Then we put soil in the window box, mixed it around and broke up the clumps, put the different seeds in, covered them up and then put the signs in.  Ethan loved playing with the soil, he could have happily sat and scooped the soil from the window box into the other plant pots for ages.  He was also really good at placing the tiny little seeds exactly where Nana was asking him to put them (she was very impressed!)  I wish that we had a big garden where Ethan could do this sort of thing more often, but living in London, our little window box will just have to do for now.  Now to wait for them to grow!

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