19 months old

Spring Butterflies


Today we went to art class and Ethan made some glittery Spring butterflies!  I hadn't seen these ideas before, so I thought they would be nice to share as they're both easy to do at home.  The first was to trace around both hands (with the thumbs overlapping) to make a butterfly shape, and then cut out and decorate with glitter.  The second was a circle of tissue paper covered in glue and glitter, then after it dries to scrunch it up and wrap a pipe cleaner around it to make a butterfly.

Ethan had such fun making these today, his first real encounter with glitter (it gets everywhere, I haven't been brave enough to use it at home.)  His understanding is definitely a lot better as well, as he kept his hands fairly still for me to trace around.  So this was a good activity for his Communication, Language and Literacy development as he listened and followed instructions as well as for his Creative Development as he made these lovely butterflies.

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