19 months old

Duck in the Pond


After our visit to the Wetland Centre yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to make a ducky craft today!  I printed out a pond and a duck on a piece of card and Ethan coloured them in.  Here's the print out I made for the duck and pond (using clip art from Word)

The pictures can be coloured in, then cut out, a stick goes on the duck, a slit needs to be cut along the pond and then the duck can swim in the pond.  It's a great activity for Creative Development as they get to go through the different steps to make the duck in the pond.

Ethan did really well at colouring in today, he is definitely starting to enjoy it more and stay more focused on it.  He was even colouring with the colours that I asked him to use, so we started out colouring the duck yellow, the pond blue and the lily pads green (then of course I just let him to wild with all of the colours.)  Then after cutting it out for him and putting the duck on a lolly stick (I used double sided tape to stick it on) and cutting a slit along the pond Ethan happily played with the duck, swimming it along and posting it through the pond.  It was really sweet :)

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