19 months old

Double Deckington


Today we spent the day in London wandering around the markets and eating lovely food.  Ethan was very good for the whole day out, but it was a long day so I bought him a present from The Disney Store and gave it to him on the way home on the train.  It's a bus from the movie Cars called Sir Topper Deckington (the link is to Amazon where it is also available).  

Ethan absolutely loves this bus!  He played with it the whole way home on the train, driving it up and down the seats and everywhere he could reach.  This is definitely his new favourite toy, he didn't want to put it down even after we got home!  Ethan still shouts out 'bus' whenever he sees one pass, and has connected this bus to the ones that pass by, excellent for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  Hopefully next time we're in London we can go to the London Transport Museum for Ethan to see many more buses and trains and learn all about them.

* The bus is recommended for ages 3 and up, so it's a toy that we watch Ethan carefully with when he plays with it as it has some small parts.*

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