19 months old

Toddler Talk


When Ethan turned 18 months old I was worried that he wasn't saying enough words.  I spoke to my friend who is a speech therapist and she recommended these Toddler Talk cards.  I needn't have worried as Ethan has since had a word explosion and is now saying over 50 words on his own, but these cards are still fantastic for encouraging him to speak more. 

The cards fall into different categories; Attention and Listening, Understanding What is Said, Learning and Using New Words, Building Sentences and Talking Socially.  They recommend doing one card a day and even offer a plan of suggested cards to do each day for 6 weeks.  We chose a card today from the Attention and Listening category about listening to everyday sounds.  So we sat together and listened to the sounds around the house and the sounds that we could hear outside.  It was really nice to just sit quietly with Ethan and chat to him about what we heard, whispering to him and making eye contact with his full attention.  These cards are fantastic, I highly recommend them as they are great for Communication, Language and Literacy development in helping Ethan to be a good listener as well as learning more language.

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