19 months old

RSPCA WOW Pocket Pets


Today we went past the RSPCA shop and I saw a sign for these WOW Pocket Pets, so we went in and bought a couple of packs.  We have a few other WOW toys that we really like, so these seemed like a good addition to the collection, plus part of the money will go to a great charity and there's the surprise of opening the package and finding out what animal is inside!  Part of Personal, Social and Emotional Development includes caring for others and of course charities and animals fall into that category.  It may not be something that Ethan can understand at such a young age, but it is nice to introduce him to the concept.

We sat down together and I gave him the packets, we looked at the back to see which animals might be in there.  We went through each type of animal, it's name and the sound it makes.  Then I slowly opened the first packet and let him peek inside, he said 'ooooooooh' and excitedly pulled out the little pig!  It was so cute to see him all excited at the surprise.  Then we did the same with the second packet, another very cute 'ooooooooh' and then...'doggy!' There was also a little activity sheet in each packet that Ethan enjoyed looking at and pointing out all of the different toys.  I may now be addicted to surprise bags for Ethan, just to see that cute little look on his face :)

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