19 months old

Scooting in the Park


Today we took Ethan's scooter out for his first scoot in the park!  We've had the scooter for a few months now (we got him the Mini Micro Scooter with the seat for Christmas) and have been letting him get used to it in the house, but as it was a beautiful day today and he's getting much better at scooting around, we thought it was time to give it a whirl outside.

Ethan was so happy to have his scooter outside, he starting playing with it in the grass while we were still having our picnic!  Of course the grass was quite tricky to scoot around on, so after our picnic we moved over to the pathway.  Ethan was whizzing around straight away, he's figured out how to sit on the seat and move his feet to push forwards, but is finding steering quite difficult.  He did get frustrated sometimes when he would end up in the grass or at the fence, but he was happy to be steered along and always gave it another try.  A great toy for Ethan's Physical Development as he learns about balance and moving his feet in a purposeful way (and eventually steering!)

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