19 months old

Sponge Animal Water Beans


Today we played with some sponge animal water beans that Nana brought him from Canada (similar to these Bath Beans) putting them in water to watch them expand and grow.  A little science experiment for toddlers right in our own kitchen, it's a part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World as they learn about changing materials.

Ethan was very interested in the tray of water and happily sat in front of it, splashing away.  He then put the beans in nicely and watched them for a couple of seconds, but got a bit bored.  I realised that I hadn't made the water warm enough, so we added some warm water (this bit was fun) and splashed around a bit to help the beans to open up.  Once they started to open Ethan was interested again.  He picked them up and examined them closely saying his cute little 'ooooooh' again as we explained what animal they had become.  Once they had all opened up he enjoyed playing with the little sponges (and I'm sure we'll find a further use for them!)

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