19 months old



Today we took Ethan to the playground and saw a much smaller baby go down a fairly large slide on his own, so we thought if he could do it, then Ethan could do it too!  (I'm always a bit afraid to let go as I don't want Ethan to fall backwards and hit his head when he's going down so quickly)  Sliding is wonderful for Ethan's Physical Development as he learns to keep his balance in different situations.  It's also good for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he becomes more confident to do challenging tasks on his own.

The first time that Ethan slid down on his own he started to lean back, but managed to keep his head from touching the slide.  Then the second time he stayed completely upright!  That was it, he loved it!  He kept climbing up the stairs and sliding down on his own, we were so proud of him!  (Then some big girls came and pushed him out of the way, grrrr, playground rage!)

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