19 months old

Elvis has left the Building


Today we went to Tempo Tots (our favourite music class!)  It was a fancy dress day, so Ethan dressed up as Elvis!  (He has an adorable Elvis t-shirt that his Auntie brought him from Las Vegas, that was the basis of the whole ensemble).  We also added sunglasses, a microphone, blue (not suede) shoes and slicked his hair into an Elvis curl.  Then we went to Tempo Tots, where we picked up Ethan's brand new guitar! (Ukelele actually, if you're local to here you can get one from Charlotte at Tempo Tots, otherwise here's a link to the Ashton Ukelele on Amazon.)  Singing and making music at Tempo Tots is fantastic for Ethan's Creative Development as he learns about creating music and dancing.

It's so much fun to watch Ethan at Tempo Tots, we've been going since he was about 8 months old (posted about it here) and then he was so small, just sitting in my lap the whole time and taking it all in.  When he learned to crawl he still just stayed with me, but finally in the last few months he's been becoming more brave and dances around a little bit with the other children.  He loves all the different props that Charlotte hands out (and loves to help put them away) and when she calls all the children over for a story he moves closer to her as well.  He is mostly just mesmerized by Charlotte, when she plays the guitar or the flute, so I thought he'd really like to have a guitar of his own.  Maybe he will be a musician someday ;)

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