19 months old

Ball Pit Tent


Today we played with Ethan's new play tent!  I bought him this Ball Pit Tent (but there are others available from Amazon; World's Apart Ball Pit Tent and Pop Up Tent).  I chose the one I did because it had good reviews that it could be folded away into the bag easily.  Most of the different ball pit tents had bad reviews for the balls going all over the place as the edges aren't very high, this is true, but part of the fun is then rescuing all the balls and putting them all away afterwards.  I also chose this tent because it's quite neutral and I think that we'll be able to use it for a variety of things.  Today we tried it out with the play balls.

Ethan was very intrigued by the tent when we first popped it open.  And crawled in straight away, lay down and eagerly brought in some of his toys.  Then I got out the bag of play balls (which we haven't played with in a few months) and he was very excited!  One of his new words is 'ball' so he kept saying it as I poured all the balls in.  We had fun playing together, throwing the balls around and naming the different colours.  We are loving the tent already and it's great for Ethan's Personal, Social and Emotional Development as we play and explore together.

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