19 months old

Ethan's Words Box


Today I compiled a box of toys; some that Ethan knows how to say the word (or sound it makes), some that he has said before but doesn't always say, and some that he doesn't yet know how to say.  I thought this would be great language practice for his Communication, Language and Literacy development as he is learning new words everyday (and I'm almost losing track of them all!)

Watching Ethan learn new words has been an incredible experience.  I can't believe that just a couple of months ago I was so worried that he wasn't saying enough words.  Now I am absolutely loving his progress and trying to keep track of every single new word as he learns it.  The best part is how adorably he says the words in his own unique way, so the selfish part of this game is that I'm trying to make a video of Ethan saying all of his words so that I never forget how sweetly he said 'ot' for hot, 'butt' for button, 'ap' for apple, 'nana' for banana, 'ehm' for Elmo, etc, etc. 

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