19 months old

Drawing with Markers


Today Ethan got his first set of markers.  I am not a big fan of markers, as a teacher I always found that the artwork that the children did with them looked messy and they often made a mess of the tables and themselves.  However, when there have been markers / felt tips at art classes and play groups that I've taken Ethan to, I've found that he really likes them.  They're so easy to draw with, he doesn't have to put any pressure and the colours appear really boldly.  So I ordered him the Crayola Beginnings First Markers and they arrived today for us to play with.

I covered the table with large sheets of paper (I really should buy a roll of paper, it would be much easier) and sat Ethan in his chair and gave him the markers.  First of all, he loves taking off the lids and putting them back on, that alone could keep him busy for hours.  And then he started drawing with them, so easy and so quickly a picture appears.  A great addition to our arts and crafts collection, Ethan can use his markers to create masterpieces and continue his Creative Development.

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