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Writing a Letter to Santa


Today we wrote our letters to Santa!!!  It is definitely an important tradition in our house, and it was lots of fun to involve Ivy in the fun for the first time.  I printed out some letter templates from Sparklebox and let the kids have fun 'writing' their gift requests to Santa.

Ethan has asked Santa for a set of Frozen figures and Ivy is asking for a pram for her doll. We will be posting our letters through Royal Mail here in the UK, see here for more details. You must send your letters with a stamp and all of your return address information for a reply from Father Christmas.

If you would like to write to Santa Claus in Canada, be sure to send your letters by December 16th to this address.  For more details from Canada Post, read the information here.

In the USA it's a slightly more complicated system of writing the letter from Santa yourself (he is just a bit too busy to write them all) but sending it off to get a postmark from Alaska. Please have a look at the USPS website for all of the details

If you're in Australia and you would like to send a letter to Santa be sure to put your return address on the back of the envelope and send it to the address below.

If you're in France I believe that you all have to do it all on La Poste website but that you will get a reply from Pere Noel in the post.  

Please let me know if there are other countries that I should add to my list!

* This post contains affiliate links to Amazon, so you can get a start on your Christmas shopping too! *

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