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Play With Your Food - Heinz Mum's Own Jars - Review


We have been asked to be official Heinz Baby Blogger Ambassadors, and we are more than happy to take part.  We get to try out a variety of their products over the coming months, and share with you what we think of them.  The first set of foods that we are trying are the 'Mum's Own' jars of puréed foods.

We got the Cheesy Tomato Pasta Stars, Pasta Bake With Tuna, Creamy Vegetable Medley, Spaghetti Bolognese and Mango Chicken Curry to try.  For the most part I do make Ivy's meals myself, in big batches that I freeze in individual portions.  But there are definitely days that I need something quick and easy, or to take something out with us, and that's when the jars definitely come in handy.

On those hectic days it's nice to be able to just heat up some food from a jar, put it in a bowl and feed it to Ivy just like that.  I love that there are a huge variety of different flavours, from things that I do make Ivy myself and know that she likes (Spaghetti Bolognese) to things that I hadn't thought of making before.  When I gave Ivy the Pasta Bake With Tuna for the first time I actually couldn't feed it to her fast enough!  She was practically shouting at me between spoonfuls that she wanted more, she liked it that much!  So now I have a new idea for big batch of freezer meals that I can make her too.

When we have a bit more time I like to try to offer Ivy different things to go with her jars.  On this particular night after Ethan had a big lunch at nursery, I decided to see if he would be interested in sharing dinner with Ivy (the jars are quite big and too much for one meal anyway).  So I heated up the Mango Chicken Curry jar and put some in two bowls, then gave them each some mini pitas to dip in it.  Ethan loves any kind of dip, so he was happy to have it for his dinner and Ivy loved her first time dipping, she made such a mess!  But it was definitely a hit for both of them.

* This is a review post, we were sent some Heinz Baby Mum's Own Jars to try and to write an honest review. *

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