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Learning Resources - Primary Science Lab Set - Review


We love to try out new toys, and as Ethan gets older and we get to play with more challenging and interesting things.  We've been playing with the Primary Lab Set from Learning Resources, and we are loving it!  Being able to do real little science experiments at home is so much fun.

My favourite thing about the set is just how realistic all of the equipment is and that Ethan now has his own little goggles, magnifying glass, beaker, test tubes, tweezers and pipettes. There are also a set of activity cards to give you a few ideas for experiments to start with, as well as more ideas that you can download from the website

We've done a few of the experiments already, one that Ethan really liked was the 'dancing raisins' the involved putting some raisins into some sparkling water in the beaker, he used the tweezers to pick up the individual raisins and put them in.  Then using the magnifying glass to observe the raisins moving up and down as the bubbles stuck to them and popped.

We also made up some of our own experiments, mostly just putting different liquids in the test tubes and mixing them together.  Ethan loves pouring things through the funnel or using the pipette to drip a liquid slowly into the test tubes.  I could see Ethan enjoying this set for a long time to come!

* This is a review post, we were sent the Primary Lab Set from Learning Resources to play with and to write an honest review. *

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