9 months old

Peek-a-boo Ball


Ivy loves to play peek-a-boo!  She is at such a fun age that she is pretty much loving any sort of game at the moment, so we're making up new things to play all the time.  It's at around 9 months old that babies start to realise that things are still there, even if they can't see them (it's called object permanence) and it makes playing peek-a-boo a lot more fun! Now when I hide my face behind a blanket she tries to pull it down to check if I'm still back there, and the same works for other objects.

So we made up a game that we're calling 'Peek-a-boo Ball' and of course Ethan loves to help me and to play the game with Ivy.  It just involves hiding a few of her favourite sensory balls (a small flashing one and a larger bumpy one) under buckets and blankets and anywhere else that we can think of.

We try to hide the ball in lots of places, and Ivy always finds it!  Then we all clap for her when she does (she learned to clap about a month ago, and I still think it's the cutest thing ever!)  It's a great game to increase Ivy's confidence and knowledge as well as having fun and giggling all together.

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