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Raising Money for Children in Need


It's Children in Need day today!  We always like to do our part for charities, especially ones that support children, that is why we love to raise money for Children in Need.  Since Ethan was born I've been buying him little Pudsey toys and clothes every year, and donating while we watch the appeal show in the evening.  But this year we get to donate in even more ways, because Ethan is going to nursery and they are hosting a few events.

To talk about Children in Need this week I pulled out Ethan's Pudsey Ears and Pudsey Bear toy to play with and as a starting point for talking about the charity.  It's really great that at 3 I think that he is starting to understand about charity and helping other children, and really showed an interest in wanting to do something.  We printed out some colouring sheets and baked some spotty cupcakes (we won't be bringing them in for the nursery bake sale as Mummy may have burnt them a bit...so we're selling them all to Daddy instead!  And he'll put the money in the box at nursery.) Ethan will also be wearing his pyjamas to nursery today and taking part in scooter races, which we'll also be donating for.  Of course Ivy has to take part as well, so she's now got some cute Blush Bear Ears and a Pudsey Bear sleepsuit!

If you would like to donate, have a look at all the ways that you can do it on the Children in Need website.

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