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Learning Resources - Hot Dots Let's Learn Phonics - Review


We've been playing with the Hot Dots Let's Learn Phonics set from Learning Resources.  It uses the Jolly Phonics system to teach phonics, which is great as it's what we've been using already.  

The set includes the talking pen and three books; letter sounds, vowel sounds and first words.  Each book contains multiple choice questions in which the pen is used to select an answer from the 3 labelled dots.  If you select the correct dot the pen lights up green and says a positive message, and if you are incorrect the pen lights up red and tells you that you have chosen wrong.

As Ethan is just starting out with his phonics learning we have only just used the first sounds book, and he does need me to talk his through the pictures and we identify the sounds together, then he chooses the correct one.  He absolutely loves the talking pen, he thinks that the feedback is hilarious, especially when he gets one wrong!  So even if he does choose right first, we still have to go through the other options, just so that he can hear the pen say 'uuuuhhh no!' his favourite response.  We have lots of fun with it, and at this stage it is something that we do together, but I could see it being very good for him to use on his own as he becomes more capable with his phonics.

* This is a review post, Learning Resources sent us the Hot Dots Lets Learn Phonics set to use and to write and honest review of our experience. *

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