9 months old

Oaty Snowman Sensory Play


I'm always looking for ways to get Ivy involved in all the fun that Ethan and I are having. The other day Ethan made snowmen with play dough, which Ivy couldn't really take part in as she is still putting everything in her mouth.  I much prefer for her to play with edible materials, just in case she does get a big bit in her mouth (though I do discourage her from eating any of it!)  

So I had a search around the kitchen and decided that some regular porridge oats mixed with water would have a nice squishy consistency, and could be rolled into balls to make snowmen.  I set it all up in our tuff spot / builders tray and held Ivy back while I showed her how to roll the balls to make a snowman and added a few accessories.

Then I set Ivy free and she went straight for the oats, ready to explore.  She loved it, she was picking it up and squishing it through her fingers right away, and of course she was trying to taste it as well!  I did manage to make a few different sized "snowballs" with her before she ate too much of it!  It is a great sensory material though, hopefully next time she'll be more used to the process and we'll be able to play a bit longer!

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  1. I need of of those trays!! I bet thats great for containing everything and is just at the right level. Sorry Im so amazed with the big tray. My youngest girl is always putting things in her mouth so this would be fab and Im sure her big sister would love to join in too.


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