3 years old

Play Dough Snowman


Our whole house hasn't been very well, so we haven't been up to much lately, but we did manage to get the play dough out to make some snowmen and bring a bit of a wintery feeling to the house.

I set up the tray with white play dough, googly eyes, orange pipe cleaner for a carrot nose, string for a mouth, brown pipe cleaners for arms, sparkly pom poms for buttons, ribbon for a scarf and a tiny little hat that I got from a smoothie.  

Then Ethan and I talked about snowmen and how many snowballs we would need to make, and how big they should be.  Ethan rolled out the play dough and I separated it for us, then we rolled the snow balls together.  Then I just left Ethan to it, he put the snowman together and choose which parts he wanted to put where.  He wanted to use all four eyes on one snowman, so who was I to stop him?

He loved putting all of the different parts on, and I think that his little snowman turned out really well!  After that he was inspired and wanted to make all sorts of things, so he happily took apart his lovely snowman and made tiny little pieces of play dough with his hands and with the scissors as his snowflakes.  He had great fun and was kept busy for ages!

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  1. I love your snowman's four eyes :) Playdough is a great activity for kids when they're feeling under the weather.

  2. That's so cute, I think I might make a playdoh snowman for christmas, maybe my teen might join in, like the old days : )

  3. Great idea. I love the your sorting tray/platter you use. Maybe I should suggest something like this for N, or a Christmas tree. All he wants to do with playdoh is cut it up, and make 'biscuits' with cookie cutters

  4. Aw the hat makes him! #BritMumsCarnival


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