3 years old

Getting Ready for Christmas


Is it just me, or does it feel the Christmas season has started a lot earlier this year?  I feel like the day after Halloween we walked into the shops to hear Christmas music and buy presents, surely most years it's a lot later?  Anyway, I'm more than happy to get into the Christmas spirit a bit early, bring on the mince pies!

I've started making all of my lists (cards to send, presents to buy, crafts to make, baking to do) so Ethan wanted to get in on the fun of making his Christmas list too!  We picked up a catalogue from a toy shop, then Ethan cut out all of the toys that he wanted (which was basically all of them!) and then stuck them onto a piece of paper as his Christmas list.  It was great cutting practice for him, but we're definitely going to have to whittle that list down a lot or else Santa's not going to have room in his sleigh for anyone else's gifts!

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