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Amigami - Review


We have been sent a brand new toy that hasn't even been released yet!  First of all, that in itself is very exciting!  We love new toys, so the opportunity to try something out before it's even for sale is really fun for us.  

The toy is from Mattel and it's called Amigami, I suppose it's a mix of a toy animal and origami.  It is recommended for slightly older children, but we decided to give it a try together.  The set that we received was a polar bear and a penguin, which Ethan loved and is perfect and wintry for this time of year.  

Included in the set are the two figures, paper cut outs, plastic pegs, a curling tool and stickers.  The first thing that you have to do is to press out all of the paper shapes to use (which you may want to do first, rather than with an impatient child!) Next you choose which shapes you want use and where to put them.  Ethan was able to make all of the decisions, but he did need a little help with the pins and clipping the paper on.  (I'm sure that an older children wouldn't have any trouble with this.)  There are also long strips of paper and a curling tool, so that you can make fun curly additions to your animals.  The last step is the stickers, which can be stuck all over your little creatures.

Ethan had lots of fun making his Amigami in different ways, taking parts out and changing them around.  He thought that it was hilarious that he could move the penguin's wing and make it the polar bear's ear.  Such a fun toy to play with!

* This is a review post, we were sent the Amigami set from Mattel to play with and write an honest review. *

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