3 years old

Do You Want to Be a Snowman?


Ethan is getting very creative, and now when I ask him if he wants to make something, he often comes up with his own ideas of what to make, then I just add to his idea.  So today when I asked him, he said that he wanted to make Ivy!  So we got out the big roll of paper and traced around Ivy (which wasn't easy as she didn't stay very still!), then decided to make Ethan as well.

The next step was to draw and colour our snowmen.  First Ethan did his own, he chose to use crayons (but I think that painting the snowmen would have looked really nice).  I helped him to draw some of the features, and he coloured them all in.  He was also able to tell me what else the snowman needed.

When it came time to do Ivy's, he decided that she should be a gingerbread man instead!  I love that he came up with the change all by himself, and already had a plan of how she should be decorated.

When we finished I cut out Ethan the Snowman and Ivy the Gingerbread Man, and we decided that they needed some accessories.  I was just going to cut them out of paper, but Ethan went and got their own hats, scarves and boots instead!  We love them!

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