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Room on the Broom Story Sack


Ethan's current favourite book is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.  He absolutely loves it and asks us to read it to him several times a day! I recently realised that he pretty much has it memorised, as he doesn't refer to it by it's title, but rather by all of the text on the first page.  I also realised that we haven't made a story sack in a little while, and now that Ethan's a bit older I think that he will really enjoy it.  A story sack is basically a collection of things to do with a story that can be used to retell it as well as extending it to another level.  It's great for Ethan's Communication, Language and Literacy development as we can fully explore the story with these props.

For the first time I had Ethan help me to compile the items to put in the story sack, we found:
  • A toy cat
  • A toy dog
  • A toy bird
  • A toy frog

Then we also found:
  • A finger puppet dog
  • A finger puppet bird
  • A finger puppet frog
  • A finger puppet tiger (for the cat)
  • A finger puppet groom (for the witch, since he has a black hat!)
  • A wand
  • A bow
  • A dragon toy
  • A lily pad toy

Then we made:
  • A witches hat out of card
  • A cauldron out of a sand bucket covered in black tissue paper
  • A broomstick from a stick and some string

And we went for a walk to the park to find:
  • A twig
  • A cone
As we were looking for things Ethan kept coming up with ideas of other things that we had to find, which was a bit of a challenge for me, but fantastic for his understanding of the story! 

Finally we were ready to play with the story sack! It was great, because Ethan is so familiar with the story we didn't even need to use the book to retell it, we just started reciting it, filling in the blanks for each other if there was a part that we forgot.  Ethan had the characters flying around the room on their broomstick, he was mixing everything up in the cauldron and tapping the broomstick with the wand whilst saying his favourite lines from the book.  We had it all laid out on his table and he kept coming back to it all day, it was adorable!  My love for story sacks has been renewed, look out for more coming up!

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