2 1/2 years old

Another Successful Play Date


As of today, things are very different in our house...the Grandparents have all been and gone, we've had lots of visitors and helpers over the past few months, but now we're on our own!  It's time to get into our routines and for me to figure out how to manage with two little ones on my own most days.  I'm feeling completely outnumbered already, so it was the perfect day for friends to come over for a play date (who were of course very helpful as well, made my job a lot easier!)  I was able to pass Ivy over for cuddles with the other Mums, which is great for her to get used to other people, and enables me to get things done.  She's not quite ready to play on the mat with the other babies, but I'm sure that's not far off.

I am sure that every play date will not be such a success, and they're still a novelty for us to host as our previous house just didn't have the space.  Ethan just impresses me so much with his sharing and letting his friends play with his toys.  He happily watches them play, sometimes just observing and sometimes trying to join them.  Mostly I think he just enjoys showing off his toys and watching how others play with them.  He also sat really nicely with them at his little table for lunch, which I find very impressive as he won't sit still for two seconds when it's just us (he still has his meals in his high chair to prevent him wandering off).  It's so nice to have friends over so that he can pick up these social skills from them, feeling very proud of my little boy today!

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