2 1/2 years old

Cars Colour Wonder Colouring Set


A very kind friend of ours gave Ethan a big brother gift (to go with Ivy's new baby gift) of a Crayola Colour Wonder colouring set with pictures from the Disney movie Cars.  It's a bit like this set that you can buy from Amazon.  It's a great little set that comes with colouring sheets and special markers that will only mark on that type of paper, so they don't make a mess on the table (or anywhere else!)  Ethan is really getting into drawing and colouring, and it's great for his Creative Development.

The only problem is that he loves the set so much that he just wants the next picture and the next picture to colour in, without really finishing them off.  So I'm actually just putting them back in the pack after he 'finishes' them and then re giving them to him later on, he doesn't seem to mind!

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